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Green Trails is open!

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We are open! Although many villages are still closed for outsiders and quite a few activities are not yet possible at the moment, we can organize customized trips for you. Please send an email to Frans or Aom at

It is a fantastic time to visit the North of Thailand. We expect more places to open on the 1st of November.

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Green Trails supports the samlors of Chiang Mai

Green Trails supports the samlors of Chiang Mai

We support the samlors of Chiang Mai. The samlor should not disappear from Chiang Mai streets. Please look at our website Chiang Mai a la Carte, on which we offer a variety of samlor rides. See Chiang Mai in a different way and environmentally friendly way!

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Schools and Universities

Green Trails has an impressive track record when it comes to Educational Treks for Universities and Schools. Participants are usually between 15 and 22 years old. We try to keep the groups maximum of 20 persons to keep the community’s impact under control. These tours are always customized. Every school or university has different needs and wishes.

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Family Trekking

Thailand is a fantastic destination for your family. It probably is the child-friendliest country in Southeast Asia. There is a wide range of food available. Hygienic standards are very high, and many hotels have family rooms. Thailand is also still great value for money.  During the European school holidays, families have traveled to Thailand for a holiday in increasing numbers. We have been organizing hundreds of family treks over the past ten years. Our guides are used to work with kids, and they really love it. They are aware of their responsibility. Safety is a top priority.

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We respect nature and traditions

Green Trails organizes Chiang Mai & North Thailand tours. Our trips are active and interactive. We respect nature, local traditions, and local culture. We promote outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, rafting, and cycling. We are committed to conserve natural biodiversity and preserve local cultural traditions, and values. We love tribal culture, traditional tribal dress and work closely with several tribal communities. Contact us for Chiang Mai & North Thailand Tours!

How we work

Green Trails is a small company that focuses on details. We research our tours thoroughly and are committed to give everyone involved the best possible and meaningful experience. We strongly believe that tourism can be a force for the good. As a company we are responsible to do the good thing. Our tours demand the best preparation possible. Please contact us well ahead of your visit to make sure we can prepare the best we can for your trip.

Book your trip with confidence.

Your personal safety and of other people involved is of paramount importance to us. Most of our tours are private so we can customize the trip to your requirements, if you wish.

We also offer a couple of small group trekkings. Our small group tours have fixed departure days. Departure is guaranteed from two persons up. The maximum group size is 10 persons.


Our reviews speak for themselves.

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Adventures in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand

We have been involved in organizing Chiang Mai Tours and North Thailand Tours for more than 25 years. In the early days, trekking was one of the most popular activities for tourists. It was also the only activity on offer for visitors. That has changed over the years. We still love trekking and offer tribal experiences, cycling, rafting, and other nature and culture-friendly activities. We are very much aware of our impact on the environment and communities. We monitor our activities as much as possible to make sure our footprint is as small as possible.

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Chiang Mai National Parks Adventures

Northern Thailand is a stunningly beautiful area. There are many national parks with beautiful forests, sparkling rivers, and thundering waterfalls. We have developed several active tours in these national parks. We offer many different tours to Doi Inthanon National Park, but other, less-known parks are worth visiting. We will do everything possible to minimize our footprint in these lovely, protected areas.

Children Palong dance Chiang Dao

Chiang Mai Tribal Experiences

A variety of ethnic minority groups inhabit the mountains of Northern Thailand. They are often called “hill tribes.” Each of these groups has its own interesting customs, traditions, and dress. Most groups have their own language. Although development has eroded this heritage, they still keep their own customs and traditions. We offer several tours that focus on these minority groups. We will show you this heritage. By doing this, we hope to contribute to the preservation of these invaluable cultures.

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