Bamboo Rafting – our policy

In several tours, we offer rafting as an activity. Several rivers in North Thailand provide excellent opportunities for this.

Tourists on a bamboo raft on a river
Rafting guests on the Mae Taeng

The Taeng (Mae Taeng), Chaem (Mae Chaem), Wang (Mae Wang) and the Ping (Mae Ping) rivers offer opportunities for touring on a bamboo raft. The Mae Taeng offers the best rafting and features in many programs.

Rafting in the past

Before there were all-weather roads bamboo rafts were a popular means of transportation. Rafts were also used in the days of the teak industry. Huge rafts of teak logs floated down from Nakhon Sawan to Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. In the early days of trekking in North Thailand bamboo rafting became a popular activity. The trekkings of the early days always included rafting and elephant riding.

Bamboo rafting is an environmentally friendly activity. At most places, they bring back the raft to the starting point to use it again for the next trip.

rest during bamboo rafting
Mae Taeng rafting at Lahu village

Our guidelines for bamboo rafting

1 – Always wear a life jacket. The Mae Wang and Mae Taeng are rather shallow where we do the rafting. Even though the risk is relatively low, we advise you to wear a life jacket. If you end up in the water, you can hit a rock and lose conscience. If you take off the life jacket during the trip, you do this on your responsibility.

2 – Always follow the instructions of your guide. Our guides are experienced and know what you should do.

3 – When necessary, we supply plastic bags to wrap around your luggage.

4 – Bamboo rafts are unstable vessels. Please be quiet on the raft and don’t move too much.

5 – Don’t forget sunscreen, a cap or hat, water.

6 – Be careful with your camera and mobile phone.

Enjoy the unique experience.


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