Wearing comfortable trekking shoes with good grip is very important. With bad shoes an easy trek really can become an ordeal. Your choice of shoes depend on quite a few factors:

– your personal hiking style

– the weather conditions

– the difficulty of the trails

– the amount of days you are trekking

– the amount of luggage you are carrying.


For short treks on trails that are not too difficult we recommend good walking shoes such as these:


If you go on more difficult and longer treks you might want to have a bit more ankle support and waterproof shoes such as these:


I have done most of the trekkings on running shoes such as these:


In dry conditions and on short treks they are fine.
They are not waterproof though and don’t give a lot of support. It also depends on your personal preference.

Don’t bring heavy mountain boots…….


Quite a few people like to wear these kind of sandals:


They are ideal for crossing rivers and streams.
Definitely bring flip flops for the evening in the village such as these:


They are for sale everywhere in Thailand.


Have a good trek!