Travelling with us

You are as good as the last tour you have organised is our motto. Every company has strong and weak points. What are our strong points? We believe in mutual benefit. After a tour everyone involved should be content.

Our guides

Our guides are our ambassadors. They have a huge responsibility. They are responsible to make the tour a success and give you the best possible service.

Our guides are very experienced and have been working with us for many years. We continuously train new guides as well. They all speak proper English and are continually updating their knowledge. Guide training is an ongoing, never-ending process. We can honestly say that they are amongst the best in the business. They are professional, knowledgeable and flexible.

Our food

• We serve excellent food on our treks and in ample quantity. Thai food is generally regarded as the best in the world. Our guides are great cooks. Trekking is a strenuous business, and we make sure that you are well fed. On our private treks, you will be able to select your food. You will have the opportunity to learn some Thai and indigenous cooking as well.

• We try to buy as many products as possible from the villages we visit.

• We have put a lot of thought, effort and energy into every single step of developing our programs and itineraries. We want to conduct outdoor adventure tourism in the right way.

Care for the environment

We keep our rubbish to a minimum, never leave anything behind while on tour and try to train the local people the basics of environmental protection as well. We pay fair wages to our office staff and guides and try to generate benefits and extra income for the local villagers that we cooperate with.  All our guides get regular training on environmental conservation, and we actively support them in spreading the word to the local communities we work with.