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Doi Inthanon National Park

Waterfall in a forest Pha Dok Siew Nature Trail
Pha Dok Siew Nature Trail waterfall

in Chiang Mai province. Doi Inthanon tour are our bestsellers, especially our two Doi Inthanon day tours. Doi inthanon National Park is a place for nature lovers. In the cold season, Doi Inthanon attracts many visitors and is nicknamed the Roof of Thailand because it is the highest mountain in the country. Doi Inthanon trekking and hiking are popular activities for visitors of North Thailand. Doi Inthanon day tours are more hiking than trekking tours. For trekking you need to spend at least one night in the national park.

The summit of the mountain is 2565 meters above sea level. The park is known for its biodiversity, prolific birdlife as well as  its many different natural habitats. It is also a place of historical and cultural importance.Doi Inthanon National Park is about 70 km southwest of Chiang Mai. Doi Inthanon became a national park in 1972. It covers almost 500 square kilometres.

How to be prepared

You will go to an environment that is prone to unpredictable weather conditions. Even in the very hot dry season months March and April the weather on Doi Inthanon can be very different from where you started your trip, which is most likely Chiang Mai. In the rainy season you can have blue skies and hot, sunny weather in Chiang Mai but on Doi Inthanon it might be foggy and cold. Sometimes there is hardly any visibility near the summit. It can be very atmospheric and mystical. So be prepared and take a raincoat and a warm shirt with long sleeves with you.

If you do hike one of the more popular trails such as Kew Mae Pan, Pha Dok Siew or Angka you will not encounter that much difficulty: these trails are well maintained so fairly easy. If you go on one of our Doi Inthanon trekking tours it is different. There are trails but sometimes not maintained. You really need good hiking boots with good grip. Depending on the tour the hiking becomes real jungle trekking. We usually don’t meet other trekkers on our Doi Inthanon trekking tours.

The beautiful Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail on Doi Inthanon

local Hmong guide Doi Inthanon waterfalls

Table of Contents Local Hmong guide on the Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail Hiking on the Roof of Thailand The Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail is without a doubt the most popular trail in Doi Inthanon National Park. The Hmong people from the nearby Baan Khun Klang community maintain and manage the trail. They also work […]