Chiang Mai Trekking areas

This section lists all the Chiang Mai trekking areas we operate tours in. These are areas where we have been working for decades. We try to contribute to the conservation in these parks.

Doi Pui Doi Suthep National Park

The Doi Pui Doi Suthep National Park is an outstanding trekking area. There are many trails in this fantastic national park that is very close to Chiang Mai. Doi Pui Doi Suthep National Park has everything: beautiful forest, great views, waterfalls, Hmong villages, Buddhist temples, flower gardens and lots of history. We can also highly recommend to spend a night on the mountain.

Rice fields with mountain in the background
Doi Suthep and Baan Thi rice fields

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon is also nicknamed the “Roof of Thailand. It is the highest mountain in the country. Doi Inthanon National Park is probably the most popular protected area in Thailand. Especially in the cold season, this national park attracts many visitors. Most of them come on a day tour and hike one of two very popular and beautiful trails. The Kew Mae Pan and Pha Dok Siew trails are managed respectively by the Hmong and the Karen tribes. We offer also other trails that are less visited.

Kiw Mae Pan Nature Trail Doi Inthanon Tours
Doi Inthanon Kiw Mae Pan Nature Trail

Chiang Dao Trekking

The Chiang Dao trekking area is another of our favourite areas . It really is quite different from others because of the diversity of tribal villages. There are Akha, Palong, Lisu, Lahu and Karen villages in Chiang Dao district. We support several homestays in this trekking area.

Thailand’s second-highest mountain, Doi Luang Chiang Dao, can also be found in this area. Trekking to the summit of Doi Luang Chiang Dao could be done in two days/one night. Overnight will be in tents just under the summit. Conquering Doi Luang Chiang Dao is really a challenge but in recent years it has become more difficult. For the duration of the 2019/2020 cold season, the third-highest mountain of Thailand was closed. Trekking to the summit was not allowed.

Plant with mountainview and blue sky Tree planting chiang mai trekking areas
View on Chiang Dao mountains

Huay Nam Dang National Park

The Huay Nam Dang National park is located northwest of Chiang Mai. It is very popular with trekkers. Most of the villages are from the Karen tribe. The scenery is very spectacular. It is a mountainous park so prepare yourself for some serious workouts. Most of the trekkings feature a trip by bamboo raft on the Taeng River. This is the best bamboo raft trip you can make in the North of Thailand

Guide with tourists in the forest Chiang Mai Jungle Trekking Huai Nam Dang
Huai Nam Dang jungle

Mae Wang National Park

The Mae Wang National Park borders Doi Inthanon National Park. There are many elephant venues in and close to Mae Wang National Park. These sanctuaries and parks attract many visitors. Most villages are from the Karen tribe. This national park offers some great trekking and a number of pleasant waterfalls. The Wang River (Mae Wang) offers nice bamboo rafting.

Guests on a raft passing an elephant on the Wang River Family Hill tribes

Chaeson National Park

Another interesting area is the Chaeson National Park. The village Ban Mae Kampong has become a very popular destination. We use this village as the jumpoff point for treks into Chaeson National Park. The boundary of the park is only a short drive from Ban Mae Kampong. From there we trek to the summit of Doi Mon Lan and descend through the forest back to Ban Mae Kampong. The Chaeson National Park is very mountainous so prepare yourself for some serious trekking. The forest is relatively undisturbed and well protected.

View on Pine forest Chaeson NP
Pine forest Chaeson NP