An impressive track record when it comes to Chiang Mai Educational Treks for Universities

Green Trails has an impressive track record when it comes to Chiang Mai Educational Treks for Universities and Schools. Participants are usually between 15 and 22 years old. We try to keep the groups maximum 20 persons in order to keep the impact in the community under control.

We are very much aware of the sensitivity and or our responsibility to do this in a sustainable way. We have been doing these kind of tours for more than 20 years, albeit under a different name. We have a lot of experience with these kind of tours, in short. These tours are always customized.

Every school or university has different needs and wishes. Every tour is unique and deserves special attention.

Most of these programs are between 4 and 6 days. They usually involve several overnights in a village of one of the ethnic minorities that live in North Thailand.

We usually include some kind of activity that should benefit the local community. This activity can be helping to construct a school playground, a water container, a school canteen or another useful project in the village. The construction work is always easy and not dangerous.

We really make sure that the activity leaves something behind that is useful for the community. We are not going to construct something for the sake of constructing something.
Some communities have a Royal Project such as the Karen village Huay Khao Lip. These are agricultural projects initiated by his majesty King Bhumibol during his lifetime. If there is such a project we normally work half a day helping planting seeds or any other activity just to give the students an idea of how it is to do agricultural work. When it is rice planting or rice harvesting time we spend some time helping the farmers planting or harvesting. It is fun and a great learning experience.
We can include an elephant experience on request.

We have been working with most communities for a long time and make sure they are welcoming to groups of young people. For most students these trips are life changing experiences. They will learn about a different way of life and about a different culture.

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