Green Trails blogs: Introduction

Our Green Trails blogs cover different subjects. They are about elephant welfare, the history of trekking, reports and stories about trekkings we do ourselves. There is a blog about our First Aid Course, about textile projects where are involved in, about Family Trekking and much more. Enjoy our blogs!

Textile group at Lisu village our blogs
Textile group at Lisu village

Green Trails blogs

Our general manager Frans Betgem is interested in the history of Chiang Mai. You can find stories about travel and history in his personal blog site. He is also interested in the history of tourism in Chiang Mai and North Thailand and specifically in the history of trekking and tribal tourism. On this website you can find the following articles about the history of trekking: Thailand trekking in the early days – the 1970s. Dutch photographer Don Oppedijk graciously allowed the use of this photographs.

In the article Chiang Rai Trekking – 1991 Frans wrote about his own early trekking experience. He was a tourleader for the adventure travel company Baobab Reizen. Frans went on at least 20 trekkings with tour groups from the Netherlands in the early 90s. These trekkings were three or four days in the Chiang Rai and the Mae Hong Son area.

Blogs on elephants

Frans loves animals and takes care with his wife of twelve dogs, many of them stray dogs or abandoned dogs. Although he is not even close to being an expert he wrote a couple of blogs about his own experiences with elephant camps. In this blog he wrote about the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and specifically about the work this camp is doing concerning elephant conservation and health care.

A very moving incident took place two years ago. A rescued elephant passed away at the center.

Trekking stories

Frans has done quite a lot of trekking research and wrote stories about it. He wrote a story about the best Doi Suthep Trail, which is one of the best day treks you can do if you stay in Chiang Mai. In November 2017 he hiked to Doi Bo, near Chiang Rai. This is a trek we offer only on requests. Other interesting articles about trekking in general are the blogs about trekking in Chaeson National Park and about trekking and hiking on Doi Inthanon and Doi Angkhang.

Family Trekking

We specialize in family trekking. We have done hundreds of customized and group treks for families. Our guides have a lot of experience with families with children of all ages. Frans wrote an interesting blog about family trekking.