Green Trails Tour Reviews

Introduction: Green Trails Tour Reviews

Over the many years that we have organized tours in North Thailand we have received a lot of Green Trails tour reviews from guests as well as some testimonials. They have written this feedback in most cases on the feedback form that we give them at the end of the tour. Often I have contact by email with guests after their tour. Some of the comments come from this email correspondence. I added some nice pictures related to the tours but not necessarily taken during the specific tours that the reviews are about.

At this moment the comments and feedback don’t go back further than 2019 but I digging in our archives for more nice comments. We also have had some less positive feedback, which we take very seriously. We work very hard to improve on all fronts such as content of the tour, interaction with local people, adding new meaningful experiences, making tours mutually beneficial and more environmentally friend, to name just a few things. Life is one constant learning experience. Anyway, off we go with our Green Trails Tour Reviews!

Waterfall Doi Inthanon Experience Green Trails Tour Reviews Pai Adventure Green Season waterfalls
The Vachirathan Waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park

Tour: Doi Inthanon: Hiking the Nature Trails, December 22, 2022

Grace Lee and Family (Singapore):

“Very helpful tourguide (Mr.Bay) and nice program. Good combination of hiking and seeing some local life. Excellent!”

View deck with touris testimonials
The Sea of Clouds from the Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail on Doi Inthanon

Tour: Into the mountains of Pai and Mae Hong Son, January 22-26, 2022

Matthew Di Benedetto, United States:

“Great driver and very, very smart guide. Very informative guide – knew all of the best spots. Loved it all, thank you!”

Three people on a boat Green Trails Tour Reviews
Boat trip on the Pai River

Tour: Customized tour of Pha Dok Siew Nature Trail (Doi Inthanon National Park) and Yutasak Elephant camp, June 6, 2022

Jacqueline Tan and Family (8 persons), Singapore:

“Enjoyable day tour for both children and adults. Good guide, clear explanation. The highlights were interaction with elephants and the waterfall trail. Very good!”

Tribal woman with background view Karen People Green Trails Tour Reviews Pai Adventure
A Karen guide on the Pha Dok Siew Nature Trail, overlooking rice fields

Tour: Hiking the Trails of Chaeson National Park, December 20, 2021

David DeFrain and Mina Engquist, United States:

“Fun and real adventure unlike other tours. The highlights were seeing the waterfall after challenging hike. Fun tour with great guides that make you feel welcome in a new environment. Couldn’t be happier with the tour.

Chaeson National Park trekking. Mae Kampong Waterfall.
Chaeson National Park trekking. Mae Kampong Waterfall.

Tour: The Ultimate Doi Inthanon Adventure, November 20-21, 2021

Allison Roddy and Mathew DeAmicis (UK):

“The program had multiple learning experiences. All the food was DELICIOUS. The highlights were the sunrise and the hike that followed. The bamboo rafting was exciting and fun. It was all amazing, couldn’t have been better. Keep up the great work. Amazing!”

Rice fields at sunset Green Trails Tour Reviews
Mae Klang Luang rice terraces view

Tour: Forests and Tribal Culture of Doi Inthanon, October 2019

Steven Joustra and family (Australia)

“Thanks for all at Green Trails for organizing the perfect 3 days trek for our family in the Chiang Mai region. Aom in sales was extremely helpful in preparing a trek suitable for the whole family of 6 from our 7 year old up to our 14 year old to ensure that the hike was a challenge while not being impossible. While the first day was a 3 hour uphill shock to the system, Taksin our guide and his assistant Bun kept the small children distracted with demonstrations of bush craft, popping leaves to communicate, blowing bubbles from sap in plants so that we arrived at our first village intact and in good spirits. Both overnight stays were basic accommodation but had great views and tasty meals.

Taksin kept everyone occupied with his stories and was a mine of information about the hill peoples. Day 2 was a full day of trekking but nearly all of it was in shady forest and we took it nice and slow. The last half an hour was out in the sun and up a hill to the village but we all felt a satisfaction of completing the day and the boys were soon playing soccer with the local village boys on a dried up rice paddy. The final day was mostly down hill and again in the shade with a lovely waterfall break. Thanks again to you all. Only suggestion for the future is softer pillows!” 

Steven Joustra, Bali, Indonesia Oct 2019”

Guide Taksin with guests
Taksin our guide

Tour: Trek the Mountains of Huay Nam Dang, 2012-2019

Corné Leeuwinga, Tourleader (Netherlands)

As a tour guide in South East Asia, I have been able to do one, two and three day treks in Thailand for various Dutch travel organizations (between 2002 and now).
However, my favorite trekking remains the Huay Nam Dang trekking, because of its diversity in nature and activity. A unique start at the hot water springs, followed by a beautiful, but real trek to the mountain top where we already meet the first mountain tribe. Unprecedented are the very old thick and tall pine trees.In the evening we spend the night with a very hospitable family and we can even help with dinner. The very varied bamboo raft trip is also a unique experience, so we can go through the jungle in a relaxing way.

I can commend that over the years I have done this trekking about twenty times. During these trips I have worked with different trekking guides. In my opinion all very competent and professional guys. About 5 of those times I have had the opportunity to work with the guide Taksin, a very positive man, knowledgeable and very helpful.
Also notice that the trekking was regularly mentioned by my group members as one of the highlights of the trip.

Four kids on a raft on the Taeng River
Rafting on the Taeng River

Tour: Customized Day Trek with the Family in Chiang Dao, June 15, 2022

“Very good lunch. We liked buying from the market first, then cooking. Rung was very knowledgeable and taught us so much about the area and culture”

Alissa Schmidtke and family (United States)

Cooking in a wok Green Trails Tour Reviews Green Trails Chiang Mai
Cooking in wok on a wood fire during trekking

Tour: Doi Inthanon: Mighty Waterfalls, Rural Life and Mighty Chedis, June 19, 2022


Josh and Ann Marks and family (United States):

Very organized and great tour, especially the two-hour trek. Excellent day with Taksin and driver Joe! Tasking took great care of us. He explained the agenda clearly. He was very helpful, friendly, and always with a smile. We learned a lot and appreciated his guidance. He is an expert!! Our kids enjoyed the trek very much and Taksin was always concerned with their safety and enjoyment. Joe was a very safe and responsible partner. We have a fantastic and memorable day at Doi Inthanon. We will recommend Taksin and Joe and this tour company to our friends. Thank you!

Big waterfall in a forest Baan Mae Klang Luang
Pha Dok Siew waterfall

Tour: Mae Sariang and Mae La Noi, February 2019

Alan and Jenny Dovey (UK)

We have been on a number of trips with Green Trails that get to the bits that as a lone traveler, it’s just difficult with the constraints of time and language. 

It was three days that took us to the borderlands of Thailand and Burma and small towns where the Thais go away to rest and relax. We stayed at the  River House Resort which nestles comfortably alongside the Yuam River. It’s quiet and tranquil and everything you need from places to eat, drink and wander is right outside. Most of the travelers here are Thai as the country becomes wealthier and like westerners, they want to discover their own country.

The pace of life here is very different from that in Bangkok or indeed Chiang Mai. It is rural Thailand with income derived from farming with tourism as a welcome (I think) filip.

These are borderlands, the river that separates these two very different countries is where we were headed. In the Chiang Rai region, there is a diplomatic ‘accommodation’ that allows travelers to ‘enter’ a restricted area to spend money. This is not like the Mae Sariang Customs House poster is a warning. They make it very clear that landing on the Burmese side is not advised. We took a boat along the river and stopped at a school area on the Thai side, and up to the bend where the river is Burmese only.

Life however ticks along and visits to the sites show that in the past, people, languages, and culture flowed freely. The Wat Jong Soong temple looks to me like it belongs in Burma. You can hire bicycles and drift around this very pretty area and I will come here again or somewhere just as ‘off the beaten’ with Green Trails.

Tourist looking at a river
The Salawin River in 2019. Picture by Alan Dovey.

Tour: Explore the Jungles and Waterfalls of Doi Inthanon – four days, July 16-19, 2022

Wimjan Heezen Family (Netherlands)

In English:

“We experienced the 4 days with Taksin, Pali, and Son and the hospitable people in the villages as very special. The tours were through nature, challenging but with good pacing, impressively beautiful, and provided with a lot of information about all plants and animals by the guides. On top of that, you can enjoy cooking, eating and drinking together in the evenings. Especially for my children, it was a fantastic new experience. And Taksino is a special person and great guide who speaks good English. He helped us through the days with empathy and humor. Give him my best regards when you speak to him.”

In Dutch:

“We hebben de 4 dagen met Taksin, Pali en Son en de gastvrije mensen in de dorpen als heel bijzonder ervaren. De tochten waren dwars door de natuur, uitdagend maar met een een goede pacing, indrukwekkend mooi en door de gidsen voorzien van veel info over alle planten en dieren. Daar bovenop gemoedelijk en gezellig samen koken, eten en drinken savonds. Vooral voor mijn kinderen was het een fantastisch nieuwe ervaring. En Taksino is een bijzonder mens en geweldige gids die goed engels spreekt. Hij heeft ons door de dagen geholpen met empathie en humor. Doe hem de hartelijke groeten wanneer je hem spreekt.”

Waterfall in a forest
The Vachirathan Waterfall in the green season

Tour: Customized North Thailand Family Tour, July 13-20, 2022

Thuy Van Dao Family (French and Vietnamese)

“Every day wa a highlight. We finished the tour with plenty wonderful souvenirs. It is too difficult to choose just one: the elephants, the Tham Lod Cave, the Sticky Waterfall, the bamboo bridge with its temple, the bamboo Buddha, the White Temple, the Chiang Dao Cave and the FOOD! *****

White temple North Thailand Adventure
Wat Rong Khun aka the White Temple