Ecotrekking Code of Conduct

Green Trails is very much aware of its responsibility when it come to the impact of our guests in local communities. We want to do everything right. This doesn’t only concern the behaviour of our guests in villages but it also our impact on the natural environment. That is why we have our own ecotrekking code of conduct.



1. Try to be mindful of local customs and take clues from your guide on appropriate behavior.

2. Please dress conservatively
Wear conservative clothes to respect the customs of the villages. If you go swimming, keep in mind that wearing a bikini or bathing suit may offend the villagers–shorts and a t-shirt are more appropriate.

3. Always take off your shoes before entering a house. This is a local custom.

4. When taking photographs, respect privacy by asking permission and use restraint.

5. Each ethnic group has its own traditions that have been passed down through many generations. Respect their rules, values, and beliefs.

6. Express interest in local customs, beliefs, languages, traditional clothing, etc. to foster cultural pride. Buy local goods and handicrafts to supplement the community’s income.

7. Take your garbage away with you. Hilltribe communities have limited capacity to treat garbage.

8. Society is still conservative. Please don’t indulge in public displays of affection. Do not display affection to members of the opposite sex like hugging, kissing or holding hands.

9. We discourage consuming alcoholic drinks during our treks

10. If you encounter trash along the way during your trek please pick it up and give it to your guide.

11. The use of plastic water bottles can unfortunately not be avoided in many of the places we visit. Please give any plastic water bottles after the trip to your guide so we can recycle them.

12. Don’t pick flowers or damage trees during your trek.

Ecotrekking code of conduct of Green Trails
Picking up trash. This is part of our ecotrekking code of conduct. Picture by Frans Betgem
Green Trails Ecotrekking code of conduct
Guide Taksin shows our ecotrekking code of conduct. Picture by Frans Betgem