Meet our Guides

Pornchai Singchai

Pornchai Singchai aka “Chai” is our senior trekking guide. After finishing school he learned English from a teacher who worked at Chiang Mai University. He got his guide license and started working as a trekking guide more than 30 years ago. He knows more trekking areas than any of our guides, worked for numerous companies, and is a legend in his lifetime. Pornchai feels at home in the mountains. He says his job is stress-free and keeps him healthy. Pornchai has two children.

Guide Pornchai with unknown fruit
Guide Pornchai

Narong Podjanathamrongpong

Narong Podjanathamrongpong was born in Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai province. Narong is Karen.

Narong went to primary school in Chiang Dao. He attended high school in Lampang. He is Christian like many Karen people. Upon recommendation of friends, he did the guide course at Chiang Mai University in 1992. After having obtained his guide license he started working as a porter on trekking trips until he was confident enough to be a guide on trekkings. He worked for many companies in Chiang Mai. His favorite trekking area is Chiang Dao. He feels at home in the mountains and enjoys the outdoors. Narong is a very relaxed person and a pleasure to be with. He is married and has two sons.

Narong Green Trails
Narong Guide Green Trails

Taksin Phisan Akarabut

Taksin Phisan Akarabut has no nickname. He comes from Ubon Ratchathani in North-East Thailand and lives in Chiang Mai with his wife and two sons. He has been a guide for 32 years and knows the trekking industry inside out. He has never been an office person. He loves to be outside and to be active. He loves to share his knowledge and experience to show visitors the beauty and tradition of North Thailand. We are delighted to work with Taksin and hope it never stops!

Taksin has guided treks for groups for companies such as Shoestring and Monkey King. He has guided treks for individual guests from various Destination Management Companies such as Khiri Travel and Tiger Trail Thailand, and Green Trails guests.

Tourists in lifejacket
Guide Taksin with guests

Inchai Thummanoon (George)

We know Inchai Thummanoon as George. He is the young talent in the company. George learned a lot from our senior guides but has become his own man very much. He hails from Fang, Chiang Mai province. George loves football and cycling. He has been a guide for more than six years. He obtained his guide license from Rajabhat University in Chiang Mai. Before he started to work for Green Trails, he worked for several other companies in Chiang Mai. He loves our family treks in the Huai Nam Dang National Park. His lighthearted, fun nature is always inspiring. He enjoys guiding people into the mountains and let them exchange experiences with tribal people with an entirely different culture. Guests love to meet our guides.

Guide with guests
Guide George with guests