Mission Statement of Green Trails

Our Mission Statement and Core Values guide us in everything we do. It is what we stand for.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to organise tours that make a difference. We want to bring together people from different backgrounds and cultures for mutual enjoyment and benefit while at the same time showing and teaching the utmost respect for our world and environment. Safety for all participants is our priority.

Groups and local people in Chiang Dao on a family trekking
Group on one of our family trekkings in Chiang Dao

Our core values and intentions

We embrace the diversity of cultures and lifestyles. We embrace ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.

Preservation of traditions and heritage is our priority.

We encourage tolerance and understanding.

We embrace the beauty of our world and aim to protect her.

Green Trails wants to be the liaison between people from different backgrounds and cultures so that they can learn from each other.

We believe that tourism should improve and enrich the lives of all who are involved. The benefits should be mutual.

We want to make this world a better world for future generations.

Green Trails is open to new ideas and look forward to challenges.

We try to find solutions. We are constructive instead of only being critical.

We support cultural diversity of ethnic minority groups.

Safety for everyone involved in our tours is our priority.

How do we implement our core values and intentions?

Our tours and guides

We continually evaluate our tours. There is always room for improvement.

We look into every aspect of the tour and open for suggestions and feedback. Your feedback is of crucial importance to us.

Our guides are our ambassadors. Most of them have been working with us for many years. They are very knowledgeable. They know the communities we work with very well.

All our guides and drivers are fully licensed for the work they do.

We know all our drivers personally and trust them.

We regularly have meetings with guides and drivers and discuss all aspects of our tours.

All our guides have a first aid certificate. Every year we organise a first aid refresher course for our guides.

We employ four guides from ethnic minorities and aim to create more jobs for people of ethnic minorities.

Guide Pornchai explains to tourists
Our guide Pornchai shares his extensive knowledge with guests

Ethnic minorities and hill tribes

We focus on a small number of ethnic minority communities, with which we have longstanding relations

We continually monitor our impact.

On our website, we already have extensive information about the ethnic minorities, aka hill tribes. We are continuously updating and improving this information.

We encourage you to learn a couple of words in the local language before you visit a community. It will break the ice, and it is also a lot of fun. Languages are a lot of fun.

We support cultural diversity of ethnic minority groups.

Preservation of traditional weaving and textiles is very important for us.  We also encourage tribal people to wear these unique garments

We run educational tours for universities and schools to communities. Mutual benefit is our priority.

We stimulate guests to buy locally produced handicrafts.

Young people constructing a wall
Students are constructing a playground wall in one of our communities.

Protection of forests and tree planting

Protection of forests and tree planting is our way of fighting climate change.

We will cooperate with FORRU, the Forest Restoration Research Unit of Chiang Mai University.

We will promote and participate in tree planting events and activities.

With the help of FORRU, we will expand the section on the Flora of North Thailand.

We will create new trails and maintain or improve existing ones in forested areas.

We love the forest and believe in its healing powers.

Our guides stimulate the awareness of our beautiful natural world and try to keep our footprint as minimal as possible. We try to be as sustainable as possible.

We pick up trash during hikes and treks and stimulate others to do that as well.

Tree tops at Doi Inthanon National Park
Doi Inthanon cloud forest

We will update our mission statement regularly.