Our Green Trails Guides

Group of students with local guides
Pornchai with a group of students

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Our Green Trails guides

Our guides represent Green Trails in the field. They are an extremely important part of our operations. With many of them we have worked for a long time. We highly value experience, knowledge and good manners. Our guides are the liaison between the company and the communities we work with. We regularly have meetings to evaluate tours, improve our trips and discuss various issues that have come up on tours.

Cyclists in front of ruined chedi
Guide Bay with students

Pornchai Singchai

Pornchai Singchai aka “Chai” is our most senior guide. He is Shan (Tai Yai) and was born in Myanmar. In the 1980s, he moved to Chiang Mai, where he learned English from a teacher who worked at Chiang Mai University. He obtained his guide license and started working as a trekking guide more than 30 years ago. He is a self-made man and an unrivalled source of valuable knowledge and experience. He has guided all the trips of Moondance Adventures since 2013.

Furthermore, he knows more trekking areas than any of our guides, worked for numerous companies, and is a legend in his lifetime. He is now in charge of our guides and educates younger guides in the trekking trade. We appointed him recently as our “community product manager”, responsible for developing activities that involve and benefits villagers from indigenous groups. Pornchai feels at home in the mountains. He says his job is stress-free and keeps him healthy.

Man with two hilltribe women
Guide Pornchai with two Akha Loimi women

Inchai Thummanoon (George)

We know Inchai Thummanoon as George. He is the young talent in the company. George learned a lot from our senior guides but has become his own man very much. He hails from Fang, Chiang Mai province. George loves football and cycling. He has been a guide for more than six years. He obtained his guide license from Rajabhat University in Chiang Mai. Before he started to work for Green Trails, he worked for several other companies in Chiang Mai. He loves our family treks in the Huai Nam Dang National Park. His lighthearted, fun nature is always inspiring. He enjoys guiding people into the mountains and let them exchange experiences with tribal people with an entirely different culture. Guests love to meet our guides. Together with guide Gun, he runs our bicycle trips. Nowadays, George spends time in Bali where his young family lives.

Guide George and guests during bike trip
Guide George and guests

Narong Podjanathamrongpong

Narong Podjanathamrongpong was born in Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai province. Narong is Karen. Narong went to primary school in Chiang Dao. He attended high school in Lampang. He is Christian, like many Karen people. Upon the recommendation of friends, he did the guide course at Chiang Mai University in 1992. After having obtained his guide license, he started working as a porter on trekking trips until he was confident enough to be a trekking guide.

He worked for many companies in Chiang Mai. His favorite trekking area is Chiang Dao, but he has done trekkings in the Mae Wang area as well. He feels at home in the mountains and enjoys the outdoors. Besides active tours, he also has guided many of our samlor tours, that we organize under the label Chiang Mai on Three Wheels.

Narong Green Trails
Guide Narong with guests

Wathunyoo Kasemsumran “Gun”

Wathunyoo Kasemsumran, nickname “Gun”, has worked for Green Trails for more than 10 years as a trekking and cycling guide. In recent years, he also has guided several of our international school trips. Together with George, he organizes our bicycle trips, such as the bike trip for the students of USAC. He is an active, sporty guy who gets along very well with students and families.

Gun was born in Chiang Rai and has been a guide since 2017. He is extremely service and safety oriented and loves hiking the most. We are very happy to work with him. He knows the Mae Wang trekking area very well.

Guide with tourists Green Trails guides

Mr.Thanawat Sirirottham aka “Jacky”

Thanawat Sirirottham is White Karen and has been working for Green Trails primarily as a trekking guide. He knows areas such as the Huay Nam Dang National Park and the Mae Wang trekking area as the back of his hand. Because most villages in those areas are Karen people, he feels very much at home there. His Karen nickname is Wat but he introduces himself to our guests as Jacky. Guide “Jacky” is extremely knowledgeable but, above all, a very, nice guy who is great company on multiple day trekkings and always in a good mood.

Picture of Wat, guide of Green Trails
Wat, guide of Green Trails

Rungphet Sriboonruang aka “Rung”

Rung was born in the city of Fang in Chiang Mai province. He received most of his education as a novice in a Buddhist temple, because his parents couldn’t afford to send him to school. He is one of our most experienced guides. Rung has worked for Green Trails since the early days and is an all-round guide. He is a trekking guide but also has done many of our Expeditions to Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai provinces. He also works for our sister brand Chiang Mai a la Carte.

Rung was the guide on the two Community Based Tourism trips for students of Stenden University from the Netherlands to the Palong villages Pang Daeng Nai and Mae Chon. I took the below picture in January 2023 on a trip with American students to Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. Rung is the man on the right. The other guy is our local Hmong guide from the Hmong village of Doi Pui.

Two men in the forest
Guide Rung and local Hmong guide

Kunakorn Nantarat aka “Ploy”

Ploy was born in Chiang Rai and has a B.A.degree. He obtained his guide license in 2005 and is an all-round trekking and sightseeing guide of exceptional quality. He is very service minded and sees guiding as an exchange of knowledge.

“Tourism has played an important role in boosting income and raising family directly and indirectly”, says Ploy. I agree. He loves our multiple day trips from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, which is of course his hometown.

Guide Ploy in action with a group of students

Aphinan Saenmi aka “Luke”

Guide Luke is from the Lahu ethnic minority and was born in Chiang Mai province. He obtained his guide license more than 20 years ago and has been primarily a trekking guide. He loves is work and especially trekking and exploring the culture and the daily life of the hill tribe people. Luke has been, together with Pornchai, responsible for the trips of Moondance Adventures this and last year.

Smiling Asian man
Guide Luke at work. He is a happy man.

Nopparat Sukdenchaikul aka Tommy

Tommy is another Karen guide, working for us. The others are Wat and Narong. He was born in Mae Wang district, one of our favorite trekking areas. He obtained his guide license in 1997 and is an experienced trekking guide. Tommy has done recently one of our multiple day expeditions to Chiang Rai, so he is not only a trekking guide but also knowledgeable as a sightseeing guide.

His favorite Thai dish is chicken green curry, and he prides himself on his cooking. What he likes most of his work? Meeting people from different cultures from all over the world and sharing time and experiences with them.