Our Green Trails Partners

The Partners of Green Trails

Our Green Trails partners page lists companies, foundations, places, institutions, and organizations we work with or support. This is a very important selection of which we are very proud. It defines us as a company and makes clear what we stand for. It is not in alphabetical order.

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Lonely Planet Green Trails Partners

Lonely Planet

Who doesn’t know Lonely Planet? Maureen and Tony Wheeler started this company in Australia in 1973. For decades Lonely Planet published guidebooks that travelers showed the way in new and exotic destinations. The books are still there but the internet has taken over much of its functions. Lonely Planet has recommended Green Trails for more than 10 years and we are grateful for that.

Khiri Travel

Khiri Travel is a Bangkok-based Destination Management Company with offices in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Frans Betgem, the founder of Green Trails, worked for Khiri Travel from 1994 until 2012 and instrumental in its expansion to Vietnam and Myanmar.

He managed the Khiri Travel office in Chiang Mai from 1998 until 2012. Green Trails operates the trekkings and other outdoor trips for Khiri Travel, which, by the way, just celebrated its 30-years anniversary. Khiri Travel has supported Green Trails and its predecessor Tiger Trail Thailand from the beginning.

Khiri Travel
Logo of the Center for Social Impact Green Trails Partners

The Center for Social Impact

This year we started working with the Center for Social Impact at Payap University. One of school groups visited the Center to learn about social enterprises and sustainability initiatives in our city. We support this institute and are looking forward to cooperate more in the future.

Moondance Adventures

Moondance Adventures is an American travel company for teenagers and is one of the older Green Trails partners since 2014. We organize a community-service program in Karen villages in the Mae Wang area in Chiang Mai province.

137 Pillars House Green Trails Partners

The 137 Pillars House

The 137 Pillars House is one of Chiang Mai’s best boutique hotels. Its restaurant is the former residence of William Bain, the last manager of the Borneo Company in Chiang Mai. The hotel oozes history and class.

Since a couple of years we organize a trip named “the Tales and Trails of the Teak Wallahs” for the hotel and a trip by samlor (bicycle taxi). We are proud to work with such a partner of such quality.

Viaggie Miraggi

Viaggie Miraggi is Italian for “Travels and Mirages”. Since 2016 we have worked with this responsible Italian tour operator for which we are grateful.

Viaggie Miraggi


The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) has been one of the most important Green Trails partners since 2018. We organize several trips for these students, amongst others the Hill Tribe Field Study, which has taught us so much about educational tours. “Professor” Frans shares his experience with these communities during lectures for students of USAC.

Hand to Paw – Street dogs and cats

Hand to Paw is a community in Chiang Mai that helps street dogs and cats in distress. We have donated several times to Hand to Paw and visited their Dog Rescue Center in Mae Rim. In the near future, we hope to bring school groups to introduce them to the great work of Hand to Paw.

Breda University of Applied Sciences

The Breda University of Applied Sciences

The Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) from the Netherlands was formerly known as NHTV (Nationale Hogeschool Voor Toerisme En Verkeer). We organized a walking tour in Chiang Mai as well as a trip to Doi Inthanon for students of this university and look forward to more cooperation in the future. Frans, by the way, also gave a lecture for a groups of students in May, 2023.

Secret Retreats

Secret Retreats is collection of boutique hotels, resorts and vessel in South East Asia. We organize for Secret Retreats exclusive tours in Thailand. The company is based in Chiang Mai and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with them.

Working with Secret Retreats gave us the opportunity to expand our scope to Bangkok and other parts of the Kingdom, such as Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Secret Retreats Green Trails Partners


Thaizer is a website that provides news, tips and advice for anybody planning a trip to Thailand. Britain Roy Cavanagh is the man behind this enormously valuable and passionate source of information for Thailand. Roy has written several articles about our samlor project in Chiang Mai and is one of the most respected Green Trails partners. Roy is also one of the “Chiang Mai Rangers”.

Stenden University

Stenden University of Applied Sciences is a university in the north of the Netherlands. In 2008 the Hogeschool Drenthe and Christelijke Hogeschool Nederland merged and became Stenden University of Applied Sciences, that has more than 11,000 students.

Stenden University also has a campus in Bangkok and offers “minors” (short programs) to its international students. We organized the minor Community-based Tourism in Ban Mae Klang Luang on Doi Inthanon and in the Palong villages in Chiang Dao.

Stenden University Green Trails Partners
Elephant Nature Park

The Elephant Nature Park

The Elephant Nature Park doesn’t need any introduction. Saengduean Chailert, known as Lek, established Elephant Nature Park in 2003, after witnessing the mistreatment and suffering of elephants in the tourism industry. In those days elephant riding and shows were on the itinerary of most visitors to northern Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park is now home to more than 5,000 animals of which elephants only number less than 150. The park takes care of dogs, cats, cows, horses and others animals. It is an amazing place we wholeheartedly support.

Insight Global Education

Insight Global Education from Canada organizes educational travel programs for both current university students and recent graduates, as well as high schools and community groups. We put together a fantastic trip that featured visits to social enterprises, foundations as well as the Maesa Elephant Conservation Park. Two of their groups visited the Center for Social Impact.

Insight Global Education
The Tuk Tuk Club
The Tuk Tuk Club

The Tuk Tuk Club

Bruce Haxton from the UK is the founder and driving force of the Tuk Tuk Club. This is a unique company that organizes tours by modified Tuk Tuks, the quintessential public transportation vehicle of Thailand.

He is a friend of Green Trails and Chiang Mai a la Carte. Bruce is also a personal friend of Frans Betgem, the founder of Green Trails and Chiang Mai a la Carte. They meet regularly with Roy Cavanagh of Thaizer to discuss tourism in Thailand.