Green Trails partners are companies, foundations, institutions and other organisations that we prefer to work with. One for our partners is the Tong Bai Elephant Foundation in Mae Win. We organise the Tong Bai elephant tour twice weekly. Most of the proceeds go to Tong Bai Elephant Foundation. Another organisation we work with is Elephant Parade.  In June 2016 we worked together with Donna Wanderlust of Haute Culture travel blog. Her real name is Donna Bramhall and she comes from the UK. In August 2015 she launched the travelblog Haute Culture. Haute Culture project is a personal, professional and educational exploration focused on sharing her primary experiences of worldwide travel through researching cultural costume and textiles. Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park is an absolutely unique attraction in Chiang Mai. In 2005 Canadian Michael Flancman and his Thai wife Tun created PooPooPaper, a line of recycled paper products made from, as the name suggests, poop. The company is based in Toronto has been selling these products mainly to retailers and institutions such as museums and zoos.

The Asian Elephant Foundation was created as an independent, non-profit foundation, to assist in distributing funds raised by Elephant Parade. TAEF is registered in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2011, Elephant Parade is channeling all its support to The Asian Elephant Foundation. For the forthcoming expositions in the UK, Luxemburg and Trier (all starting July 2013) and USA (starting September 2013), proceeds from the auction or sale of the full size Elephant statues will go directly to The Asian Elephant Foundation, as well as 20% of group profits from retail and merchandising.
Since October 2012, TAEF operate actively from Chiang Mai, Thailand, under responsibility of Carmen Rademaker. Located at Elephant Parade House in Chiang Mai, visitors can learn everything there is to know about Asian elephants.

TAEF distributes these monies raised to various projects and organizations in the 13 range countries, solely dedicated to the well-being and conservation of the Asian Elephant. In addition The Asian Elephant Foundation plays an active role in awareness and educational projects.

The AFoundation supports projects in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. You can find an overview of the projects here. This was an overview of Green Trails partners.