A number of Students working on the Royal Project Karen Village
Students working on the Royal Project

The Royal Project was initiated by his Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. There are many royal projects in the North of Thailand. Funded by His Majesty’s personal fund, it commenced started in 1969. The aims were to improve the quality of life of hill-tribe people, to offer alternatives for their opium cultivation and to protect the forests and water resources. The workforce was drawn from volunteers from universities and related government agencies, who joined hands to conduct research and development projects in various areas. In 1992, H.M. the King graciously raised the status to become the Royal Project Foundation serving as a permanent public entity to carry on  its work. Its major activities consist of research, development, and marketing. The Royal Project Foundation is regarded as the first successful project to eliminate opium cultivation by offering the alternative development for highland people. When there is such a project nearby we will visit it on tours. They are very interesting place to visit.