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A national park is defined as an area that contains natural resources of ecological importance or unique beauty, or flora and fauna of special importance. Thailand’s protected areas include 147 national parks, 58 wildlife sanctuaries, 67 non-hunting areas, and 120 forest parks. These cover almost 20 percent of the kingdom’s territory. National Parks are supposed to be developed for tourism as opposed to wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife sanctuaries are only open for researchers. You need permission to enter such an area. Most national parks have visitor centers and accommodation for visitors. Famous national parks in the North of Thailand include Doi Inthanon and Huay Nam Dang. Both these parks feature in our tours. Don’t expect to see much wildlife in these national parks. In most national parks in the North there are people living. Other national parks of interest are Chaesorn, Mae Wang and Mae Surin. Chiang Dao is a wildlife sanctuary.