People walking in the forest Chiang Mai Opium Trail
Trekking on Doi Suthep

Green Trails Classic Trekking

Back to the old days of trekking

With our Classic Trekking tours, we aim to revive the excitement of the trekking of yesteryear. This is trekking only. There are no elephants, bicycles, zip lines, kayaks, or rafting in rubber boats. This is about trekking in the mountains and spending the night in villages. We will hike at least three to four hours per day. Our trips are private so that we can customize them to your requirements.

Remote villages

On the first and last days, this might be a bit less. We have selected villages as remote as possible, but sometimes we have to make an exception. It has become harder and harder to find villages without access to good roads. Accessibility, though, is, of course, very good for the people in the village.

Three ladies on the Huay Nam Dang trekking
The Huay Nam Dang trekking

Our vault of trekking itineraries

We had to dig deep in our vault of trekking itineraries to revive the spirit and atmosphere of the early trekking in the 1980s. Since then, the mountains of North Thailand have been developed. There is infrastructure, and most villages now have electricity and can now be reached by car.

Back to Nature

Our Classic Trekking tours are a minimum of two days and a maximum of five days. The Huai Nam Dang National Park is an excellent area for classic trekking. Besides, Doi Inthanon National Park has some great routes that will give you the feeling that early trekkers must have had.

We encourage everyone to join us on these great Classic Trekking trips. They are also suitable for families, but children should not be younger than 12 years old.