parents and children shopping in a village
Family trekking

Green Trails Family Tours

We designed a number of family tours. These tours include easy trekking with activities for kids. they are educational, interactive, and, moreover, fun trips. Some of these trips are multi-activity two-day tours. We designed new tribal experiences for the general public but they are also very suitable for families. We can easily customize these trips.

Chiang Dao is ideal for family tours

Chiang Dao is our preferred destination for families. We offer several trekking itineraries in the Chiang Dao area. This area is very suitable because there are lots of villages and lots of children. Furthermore, this area is not too mountainous. The trails are therefore not too steep and difficult. There are many different trails that enable our guides to be flexible. They can easily adjust the tour.

The area is easily accessible but still has a remote feeling. To sum up, Chiang Dao is ideal for safe and responsible family tours and adventures. We have organized family tours and trekkings for decades to Chiang Dao.

Our top priority: health and safety

Health and safety are our utmost priorities. On our family tours, we use a vehicle with safety belts. Our guides regularly participate in refresher first aid training. They are also well aware of the requirements of family trips. They have tons of experience and enjoy these tours very much. Spending a night at a hill tribe village is a life-changing experience for children.

Saying good bye to the host family in Palong village Hilltribe trekking
Saying goodbye to the host family