Green Trails Tribal Experiences

Young people standing in a rice field university tours
Planting rice

Green Trails Tribal Experiences

Tribal Experiences is our new product line. We would rather like to call these tours “Ethnic Minority Experiences” but that term is too long. Apart from that most people are more familiar with “tribes” or “hill tribes” than “ethnic minority”.

We prefer to call the Akha, Hmong, and other groups “Ethnic Minorities” instead of “tribes or hill tribes” though. Our Tribal Experiences are active, educational, and experiential trips. The local people will play a very important part.

You will spend most of the day with a local family, who will be responsible for the activities. Our guide will be the interpreter and will make sure everything will run smoothly. We have worked with each family on a program that can include traditional textiles, a cooking course or demonstration, some language lessons, and other activities.

Tribal Experiences are trips that are beneficial to all involved: visitors and hosts. You will do things you have never done before in your life. At least that is what we hope. You will learn new things, which will hopefully give you memories for a lifetime. Your tour will benefit the local people.