Immersive Chiang Mai Hilltribe Experiences

Our range of Tribal Experience programs focus on the lifestyle, traditions, customs and dress of the different tribes that call the mountains of North Thailand their home. The main groups in Thailand are Akha, Lisu, Lahu, Karen, Yao and Hmong. There are also lesser known groups such as Palong, Tai Ya (Tai Yar), Kachin and Tai Lue. We have developed a number of tours in which you get an in-depth experience, spend time in the village and get to know local people.

It is also the objective of these tours to highlight the specific culture of these tribes. Their culture is vanishing slowly. Twenty years ago villagers were dressed in traditional dress. In some villages you still see the older generation wear traditional dress, in others it has completely disappeared and people only dress up for ceremonies or festivals. By focusing on these cultures we hope to contribute to the conservation.

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