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Chiang Mai One Day Walking tours

We have received a lot of requests for easy to moderate walking. We don’t call that trekking anymore. There are many people who enjoy a leisurely stroll but don’t have the stamina for trekking up and down mountains in tropical temperatures. For them we have developed a couple of easy tours. The coffee tour to Suan Lahu is one of the them. This is an educational and fun tour that involves some walking but not too long and too difficult.

Another tour that involves easy hiking is the day tour to Mae Kampong. Mae Kampong is a beautiful, increasingly popular village in the mountains about one hour drive from Chiang Mai. There are some easy hikes possible around Mae Kampong. These hikes can be done by anyone in reasonable condition. In the future we will develop more of these easy hiking programs. Hiking is fun!

From: 4,500.00 ฿ (Price for minimum 2 persons)
From: 9,400.00 ฿ (Price for minimum 2 persons)
From: 3,200.00 ฿ (Price for minimum2 persons)