Karen Culture and Elephant Experience

Price per person in THB
2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax 8 pax
10,800 9,300 8,400 7,800 7,400 7,200 7,000

This three-day program has everything. On the first day, you will participate in an elephant-friendly experience. Then you will embark on a wonderful trek through the forest, past waterfalls and villages. You will spend the night at a traditional Karen village and learn about their culture and language. You will enjoy a relaxing bamboo raft trip before returning to Chiang Mai.


Comfortable and safe transportation

Great elephant experience

Karen villages

Great trekking

Great food

Overnight in a village homestay

Bamboo rafting on the Wang River

From: 10,800.00 ฿

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