Meet the Hmong People of Doi Suthep

Price per person in THB
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This private two-day tour takes you to the Hmong village Ban Mae Sa Mai. Our purpose to visit this village is to learn about the lifestyle, history and culture of the Hmong people. By visiting the village you support the preservation of their culture and support villagers who act as a local guide. By hiking through their forest we try to raise awareness of the importance of the forest which is their watershed. We try to communicate the diversity of the natural world and the healing effect of being in nature. We appreciate their efforts to preserve this forest. To visit their village, forests and fields makes them proud of their heritage. We consider this one of our Chiang Mai jungle trekking and forest bathing tours.

Total approximate driving time:
Day 1 – one hour
Day 2 – one and a half hours


Wat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai’s most famous temple

Doi Pui Hmong village

Beautiful forest of Doi Pui-Doi Suthep National Park

Medium trekking, suitable for people with a normal fitness level

Hmong tribal culture

Hmong cooking course

Royal agricultural project

Majestic views

Hmong village Ban Mae Sa Mai

Interesting history of opium cultivation and substitution by cash crops

Homestay overnight

Forest restoration

In-depth village experience

Mon Chaem flower gardens and viewpoint

Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park

Please note that we enforce a strict dress code in the village and the use of alcohol during the homestay is not allowed We only will eat meals with ingredients that are available in the village. Don’t worry. You will enjoy the food.

From: 6,500.00 ฿