Chiang Dao: Meet the Tribal People of North Thailand

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This is a private tour. This tour has been especially designed for those who want to enjoy a nice and easy forest hike and who are interested in the tribal culture of Northern Thailand without having to stay overnight in a local village. Chiang Dao has the largest variety of different tribal people living close to each other. Start your day with a relaxing bamboo raft trip before proceed to Chiang Dao.
You will visit villages of the Akha, Lisu and Palong tribes and will learn about their everyday life and their traditions and customs. You will meet some of the villagers and can practice some local language with them. In the forest we will stimulate you to look for plants and trees while trekking. This is really a full day of nature, culture and learning and …..just a lot of fun.

The insider's opinion

We have been doing trips in this area for a very long time. It has changed over the years but not too much. The people are still authenticly nice. It's scenic area with interesting crops, some nice community forest and stunning limestone scenery. The Palong people are really special. Most Palong villages are in this area. Who doesn't love the majestic view of Doi Luang Chiang Dao?

Frans Betgem - General Manager

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