The Amazing Tribal Diversity of Chiang Dao

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This is a private tour. During these three days you will explore the beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand, home to a variety of tribal people. You will visit the Karen, Lahu, Palong and Akha. Each of these tribes has their own traditions, customs, history and language. Before the trek starts we will provide you with information on the tribes, on their language as well as on the natural history of the area. Your guide will unveil the secrets of the forest and will teach you the basics of Thai cooking if you are interested to assist him with preparing dinner.

On the last day you trek to a Karen village before we drive to visit the Chiang Dao Cave. After this we will drive to the Mae Sa Valley where you will visit the Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park.

The insider's opinion

Not many people do a three day trek nowadays. If you have the time and you are interested in tribal culture this is a great trip. It will just give you a little more time immerse yourself in the local life of these amazing people. This trip is just as much about nature as about culture.

Frans Betgem - General Manager

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