Mae Wang Small Group Trekking and Cycling adventure


During this three day Mae Wang trekking and cycling adventure you will enjoy beautiful nature, waterfalls, tropical forest and meet the tribal people who call this enticing area their home: The Karen. This trekking takes place in the Mae Wang trekking area.
You will cycle first half a day through the lowlands, passing seldom visited Lanna style temples and abundant fruit plantations.
You will enjoy staying two nights in a tribal village, learn about local culture and food, hiking through the forest of the Mae Wang National Park and make a wonderful bamboo raft trip on the Wang River.

The insider's opinion

This trip starts with a lovely bikeride which shows you typical Lanna landscape. The trekking is superb. Great overnights and some gentle bamboo rafting at the end of the trip. Overnights are in Karen villages. A great trip.

Frans Betgem - General Manager

From: 4,700.00 ฿