Overnight with the Palong People – a family adventure

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This is a private tour. During this tour you will meet the Palong people and stay overnight in their village. As this is a private tour, we will adjust the pace to your personal wishes and needs. Our guides have lots experience working with children and will make this an educational and fun experience for them.  They know this area like the back of their hands and will tell you about plants and animals. They will reveal the secrets of Northern Thai cooking and will make sure this trip will be a fun trip.

The insider's opinion

The Chiang Dao area where the Palong people live is ideal for families. There are many different hiking options, from very easy to difficult. The Palong people call themselves Dara-ang and migrated from Myanmar. The welcome visitors. Around their village the grow their crops. They have a very traditional lifestyle and staying overnight is an experience that children will relish for the rest of their lives.

Frans Betgem - General Manager

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