Stay with the Palong People of Chiang Dao

Price per person in THB
2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons 7 persons 8 persons
6,500 5,200 4,100 3,600  3,300 3,100  2,900

During this private tour, you will enjoy whitewater rafting, the Chiang Dao Cave but focus will be on the Dara-ang (Palong) people. Your stay will benefit the local people. We have supported this village for a long time and will continue to do so. Meet the weavers and try out a traditional rice pounder. The Dara-ang people are farmers and live close to nature.

Total approximate driving time:
Day 1 – two hours
Day 2 – two hours


Comfortable and safe private transportation

Mae Malai local market

Whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River

Flexible and easy trekking

Dara-ang (Palong) tribal culture

Dara-ang textiles and weaving

Great food

Overnight in a village homestay

Village walk

Lahu village and spirit temple

Karen village

Chiang Dao Cave

From: 6,500.00 ฿

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