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Green Trails Haute Culture
Tai Yar head dress, Chiang Rai. Picture by Donna Wanderlust, Haute Culture.
 In June 2016 we worked together with Donna Wanderlust of Haute Culture travel blog. Her real name is Donna Bramhall and she comes from the UK. In August 2015 she launched the travelblog Haute Culture. Haute Culture project is a personal, professional and educational exploration focused on sharing her primary experiences of worldwide travel through researching cultural costume and textiles. The original term Haute Couture pronounced  ōt ko͞oˈto͝or is French for ‘High Fashion’. Haute meaning high, luxury and expensive, couture meaning fashionable clothes. Haute Culture on a similar vibe refers primarily (but not limited) to the diverse and beautifully handcrafted costumes that many ethnic minority, tribal and traditional people have made over generations, thus forming an important part of their cultural identity.
Green Trails Haute Culture
Donna with the Dara-Ang. Picture by Haute Culture.
Green Trails organised visits for Donna to Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Palong (Dara-Ang), Lahu, Yao and Tai Yar communities in North Thailand. She made lots of beautiful pictures for Green Trails and a number of amazing videos that will be featured on our website in the near future. Her work has tremendously motivated us to do more to support the conservation of traditional tribal culture and the preservation of traditional tribal dress.
Based on her experiences we will offer a number of programs that will be focused on tribal culture and dress. They will be in-depth experiences during which you will get to know local people, spend time with them and will be able to engage in a variety of activities. Depending on the local situation these can be learning to craft a silver ring in Hmong style, mastering the technique how to make a typical Yao collar or learning to weave a Palong (Dara-Ang) dress. There will be some hiking during these tours but it will mainly be in and around the village. You will learn about the history of the village, people’s life stories and the means of living of villagers.
Haute Culture Green Trails
Donna at the Yao (Mien), Chiang Rai. Picture by Haute Culture.