Customize your Green Trails Tour

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How to customize your Green Trails tour

Private tours vs. joint tours

You can customize your Green Trails tour because almost all our tours are private. We only have two small group tours with a couple of fixed weekly departures: Meet the Karen People of Wang and Mae Wang Trekking and Cycling Adventure. All the other tours are private, which means that guide and driver are at your disposal for the duration of the tour. On our website, we have accurate descriptions of our tours but we can customize the tours on request. If you want a customized tour please fill in the form that is on the top menu of our website.

To customize a tour means to modify a tour to suit a particular individual. Other words for customization are “tailormade” or “bespoke,” but these terms are used in the clothing industry. Our private tours are more expensive than most of the joint tours in Chiang Mai and Thailand. Joint tours usually are the most popular itineraries that suit the general public. They are designed to please as many people as possible. Most of our itineraries are quite exclusive and don’t appeal to a broad audience. Yes, private tours are much more expensive than joint tours but there are a lot of advantages.

The advantages of Green Trails private tours

What are the advantages of our private tours? Your guide and driver will follow the program but this is your tour. In the end, you will decide what happens. In most of our tours we have set the departure time at 0800 because our programs are packed with activities and we want you to enjoy a full day of experiences. You can change this departure time though. Just let us know.

Operators of joint tours usually set an approximate time because they have to pick up guests from different hotels. Picking up different  guests can take between half an hour and 45 minutes. Then dropping these guests at their hotels after the trip might take the same time. This of course depends on the amount of participants and the location of their hotels.

This means you might lose valuable time in the morning and in the afternoon. You just have to be lucky that there are not that many on the tour. Joining tours with other people can turn out good or bad. They might be very nice people with who you have a great day but it can also turn out otherwise.

A private trekking or a group trekking

We try to keep the trekking groups to 10 persons, but that doesn’t always work with school and university groups. Of concern is not only the impact of big groups in villages but also the difference in fitness between the participants. In groups, there are always strong and weaker hikers, which makes it challenging to find an itinerary that suits everyone. The guide will then always adjust the route and the tempo of the trekking to the weakest person in the group, unless you have two guides.

If you have booked a private trekking, our guide will adjust the trekking route to your ability. They know many different routes in our trekking areas. This also means that you can ask us in advance to customize your Green Trails tour. If you want to hike longer or shorter on any specific day, please let us know. Don’t hesitate to ask your guide to adjust the itinerary during the tour: flexibility is our strength. This applies also to activities during the tour. If you prefer an elephant experience instead of a trip by bamboo raft, please let us know in advance so we can customize your Green Trails tour.

Customize your menu during Green Trails tours

Our private tours are you unique and exclusive experiences. You are in charge, to a certain extent. Our guides select the food they prepare during the trekkings but also in this case we are open to suggestions. If you have any dietary requirements or specific requests, please let us know in advance. We can take care of them. Our guides have their standard menus but if you want, for instance, have rice soup instead of toast for breakfast, please let us know.  Soon we will publish a special, updated section on local food and other options you have during our private trekkings.