First Aid Course at McCormick Hospital

reanimation practice at McCormick Hospital First Aid Course

First Aid Course for Chiang Mai Trekking

On June 25 we organised a First Aid course for our guides and staff. We have a very good safety record and we intend to keep it like that. Safety on our tours is our utmost priority. We constantly monitor our tours regarding safety. We have a very strict code of conduct for drivers as well. These procedures have to be regularly repeated and updated. As part of our health and safety policy we regularly organise a first aid course for our guides.

This year we organised this at the McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai. The McCormick Hospital is one of Chiang Mai’s oldest hospitals. It was founded in 1889 by American Presbyterian Missionaries. We always have done our courses at McCormick. In total fifteen guides and five office staff took part in this course which took a full day. All our guides have done a first aid course in the past. Fortunately very few accidents happen during our tours but we have to be vigilant at all times. To keep everyone sharp we intend to do this refresher course every two years. We also employ new guides who have done a course long time ago.

The course took the whole day. The group was briefed on emergency procedures in case of accident or medical emergencies. They learned again about wound dressing, snake bites and problems that might occur during outdoor activities. How to treat fractures and other serious injuries also was on the program. The day ended with reanimation in case of cardiac arrest. This always is the most practical part of the course.

Everyone who attended received a certificate from the McCormick Hospital. It was a great and valuable experience for all those who attended. It just underlines our commitment to health and safety of our guests.