The Palong live in Thailand came from Myanmar (Burma). The name originated in Burma. You often see the name Palaung. We will use the spelling Palong on this website as this is the name these people are known under in Thailand. They are a group of Mon-Khmer speaking peoples living in the mountains of Shan State and Southern Kachin State in Myanmar. Culturally and Linguistically they can be divided into three main groups: the Shwe, the Rumai and the Pale. The Shwe are also known as golden Palong or Ta-ang. The Pale are known as Silver Palong or Di-ang. These two groups identify themselves as Dara Ang. Not sure about the Rumai at the moment. It is likely they originated in Southern China and later migrated to Myanmar. There are approximately 600,000 of them living in Myanmar and about 12,000 in China. In Thailand there are about 2,000 living in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces. Their villages are still very traditional.

Two sitting women of the Dara-Ang tribe
Two Dara-Ang women near Chiang Dao