Forests of Mae Kampong and Ricefields of Lamphun

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What is this tour about? We will take you to a peaceful and beautiful mountain village. The hike through the forest is a spiritual experience. Take your time and enjoy the relaxing experience of a forest walk. We recommend you to turn off your phone and enjoy your digital detox for a couple of days. Tourism has improved the lives of people in Mae Kampong tremendously. On the second day, we will take you to Ban Thi, a district of endless ricefields and mountain scenery. It is the country of the Tai Lue people. You will learn about their culture and history and help local people. It will raise awareness and appreciation of their unique heritage. We consider this one of our Chiang Mai jungle trekking and forest bathing tours.

Total approximate driving time:
Day 1 – one and a half hours
Day 2 – one and a half hours


Comfortable and safe transportation

Great Mae Kampong coffee

Two lunches and one breakfast

Mae Kampong Waterfall

Great trekking in the forest (“forest bathing”)

Lovely rural scenery of Baan Thi District

Bicycle ride

Tai Lue Cultural Experience

Baan Jang Nak

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